Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year London

It's times like New Year's Eve when I really miss London. The English are so crazy. They jump into the fountains in Trafalgar Square on New Year's in sub zero temperatures. Shit, right now I really wish I was there. Yeah, it's filthy and overcrowded, but it's full of life and fun. Haven't been back for two years now, because I have tenants living in my flat there, and somehow I don't think they'd be too keen if I popped back for a holiday, even if I slept in the bath!

This clip sums up what I love about London. Even the religious fanatics are worth watching. What is God trying to save us from? What indeed?


Wendz said...

Love love love London and cannot wait for my next weekend visit..I am addicted and need my London fix on a regular basis.

Thanks for the visit - have linked you - enjoyed reading your latest posts and will come back later to rootle around some more..just need to sleep off this hangover...damn thing won't shift.

VI said...

Happy new year, Emma! Yes London is so much fun. Having a night out there on the 28th with some follow aussies who are arriving. Can't wait!

Quick said...

I love London too. I think I lived there in another life. I'm even being told all the time that I have a British accent, which is pretty funny.

Moobs said...

We miss you.