Monday, April 23, 2007


Look, I'm all for people being self confident. But, my feeling about this woman is that, yes she's confident, but is it just me or is she just a little too confident about her, er, assets?

Other deep and meaningful questions:
Would you do this woman?
If so, would you need to be paid?
If so, how much?

These photos are from Ice's blog. Where she finds these crazy pictures, I have no idea, but as far as I'm concerned, she's a blogging genius.


Freddy said...

i've been a slut in my past
i mean, reaally slutty
but I don't think there is enough money in the world

mind you, there might be enough alcohol
(and KY jelly obviously)

Ice said...

Aww... Genius... no way(but thanks! lol)... just not afraid to post the unpostable!

Like I said at my place to you, I'm so glad you can appreciate the humour and shock value of what I upload... they tickle me, shock and awe me, just hope others share my curiousity.

Enjoy, EmmaK readers ;)

She must know she's a circus act, why else would they be gathering around taking pictures?...
You're right, dilusional... she thinks she looks DAMN good. *sigh*... at least she's not sitting at home bitching about getting old like many seniors.

Midnight said...

We sometimes have 'grab a grot' nights when out on the town. Basically we all put a fiver in the pot and whoever 'pulls' the ugliest woman wins the pot. I rarely win I hasten to add, but it's fun!

No amount of money (or alcohol) would persuade me to 'do' that one though!

Viviane said...

Gawd. This gives real meaning to the expression 'tits on a stick.'

VI said...

Okay, I've been after a boob job, but if it's gonna look THAT false when I'm that age,, no fucking way!!!

la fille mariƩe said...

Ummm. She's not attractive to me, certainly... but don't you think she looks like she has some psychological or physical issues that are causing her to look that way? I think that I would try not to judge her... she may very well have no accurate, realistic idea of how she looks.

Or I'm just really naive. :)

Troika said...

Oooh, she's just my type. I reckon if she took her thong off the inside of her chuff would fall out.

I'd do it for free.

Just a toy said...

If you ask a professional your question. In most cases it would just be a matter of money. How much? that would depend on the individual.

If you ask a non professional, most will answer from a personal perspective. Where as, a professional will detach themselves from the act emotionally, look beyond the physical and see only the money.

Nicholas said...

No, I don't think so. But ten out of ten for self-confidence!

kiki said...

she's disgusting, i wouldn't go near her with a 10 foot pole!
did you think i would?

i wouldn't even do it for money ( much we talking?)

-at least she's having fun right?

Pomgirl said...

I'm with kiki and would like to know how much money would be involved?

Thought it was Donatella Versace at first.

Peach said...

what's the term for shagging a circus freak? Freakafiliac?

EmmaK said...

freddy .... a few whiskeys and she'd seem like Bridget Bardot in her younger years.

ice...that's the thing, she looks so happy and obviously thinks she looks good. I would support her if only she wasn't so thin or wasn't wearing that tini bikini.

midnight...sounds like a fun game. But I guess for five pounds you don't actually have to get off with/shag the grot, right?

viviane...I don't know, can't they lift her implants up a bit or something?

EmmaK said...

vi...yes I sometimes think of having my tits done too. And I do know you are meant to have them redone every ten years or so (did you know that?) and she obviously needs her lift re-lifted.

la fille mariee...yes, you're right I think she sees someone totally different in the mirror from who we see.

troika...I'll give her your number.

just a toy...but you are/were a professional and I think you should give us a figure..ah go on now.'s your loss ;)

kiki...You wouldn't? And there I was thinking you liked the older bitches ;) Okay, let's get real, would you do it for $500?

pomgirl....Would you do it for $500? I don't know what the big deal is, I'd thrown in bucket for you throw up in during/after.

peach...clever. Dodging the question like that. You didn't say if you would though.

Peach said...

ah, right, sorry, no. way. on. fucking. earth....!!! Seriously, if you see me, years from now, strapping on something thin and surgically enhanced, stop me there and slap me til I die!!

tee hee - seriously, does anyone?

Oh, second thoughts - if the price was right I'm sure I would...!

Angela-la-la said...

Is it Victoria Beckham with less clothes?

Wouldn't touch it with someone else's. Not even Troika's.

Gillette said...

What depresses and disgusts me in equal measure is that human beings think it OK to post a picture and then dissect another human in a cruel and heartless manner.

I am fairly new to your blog but have enjoyed what I have read until now. I agree that we get to talk about whatever we want in our own little worlds and that if I don't like your posts I don't have to come back.

But I would feel remiss if I didn't say what I feel on here, which is that even though we are anonymous on the internet, it doesn't give us license to be cruel. I wish we remembered that these are real people..not just pixels splashed across our screens.

A Liquid Blue said...

Shrieeeeeeeeeek!!! WTF!!! Suddenly, I feel oh-so-fabulous about my body!
Do you think those pictures could be doctored? I mean who could look like that and still want to live?

Tom Allen said...

These photos are being passed around the net, and have started a major discussion thread at the Snopes forums. The consensus is that the pics are real, and they appear to be from Brazil. The woman might be either old, or has had a huge amount of weight loss.

That's the technical part, but the real discussion point is why people feel the need to be snarky about them. This woman seems to be doing just fine, and the people around her are smiling and having a good time.

Is the problem that she is old?
Is it that she's wrinkled?
Is it that she's in a thong (that's typical beach wear in Brazil)?

Is the message, then, is that only people who meet certain standards of age and attractiveness are allowed out in public, and everyone else needs to wear a burka?

And amazingly, so many of these comments are coming from people who I'm sure would never make the same kind of remarks about those of different ethnicity. What does this say about our limits of tolerance and acceptance?

I'm with Gillette on this one. At some point - hopefully - we're all going to be elderly; I'd hope that doesn't mean that I or my wife will have to shelve our mental and emotional processes as well.

The Edge of Vanilla

George said...

I wonder how many of you who commented shit in this post will look worse than she does when you are pushing yourself in a wheelchair, or having to use an electrich wheelchair, beause you're so fucking obese that you can no longer walk on a beach.

Did the woman sign a consent form for you, allowing you to post pictures of her? No? She can sue your ass off.

I don't think it's an appealing picture either, but I wouldn't open it to comments by the likes of the mental midgets who chose to comment here in such a disparaging way.

Do everybody a favor and take it down.

Rmember, what goes around comes around.

Emma said...

fussy bitch...It's Posh's twin sister.

gillette...I see your point. It looks like I am dissecting someone in a harsh and cruel manner, and agreed, the way I portrayed this woman was flip, but I suppose I didn't have the energy to write some long post about what is beauty these days and what does it mean? I wasn't really judging her so much as kind of asking is this how extreme our culture has become in the need to look youthful? Agreed, I probably didn't do it in a sensitive way but like you say its my blog and I'll post whatever I want.

a liquid blue...I'm pretty sure they're for real.

tom allen...look I respect your opinion on this, you think I am being nasty. Okay, I agree, I probably am.
Since you ask: "Is the problem that she is old?
Is it that she's wrinkled?
Is it that she's in a thong (that's typical beach wear in Brazil)?"
I would reply, no it's probably the implants that did it for me.

george...when the time comes and I post photos of my seventy year old body up on the internet wearing a thong I will be happy to take the abuse.

Warrior said...

I just want to know what makes you all think you look so much better?

Kira said...

the fact is i think she looks better than that big hairy ape of a guy.
the implants are gross though!

Just a toy said...

Emma, I was just trying to give you a point of view. I personally would not do it for any amount.

But there are plenty of prostitutes that do it to feed their drug habit, both men and women. Of course there are also those that do it because the amount of money offered to them is insane.

What I was trying to say is that people who sell their bodies for money do not look at people like the one in your photo in the same way that regular people do.

Pomgirl said...

What's wrong with being nasty now and again? Post a photo of Victoria Beckham and I'll be nasty about her too.

Molly said...

Ooh some touchy readers there Miss Emma! I for one think that if you are going to have photos taken when you look like that, you deserve to have them put all over the internet. Not a pretty picture, that's for sure!

Troika said...

Tom Said:
Is the message, then, is that only people who meet certain standards of age and attractiveness are allowed out in public, and everyone else needs to wear a burka?

Yes, it is mate. Quite simply, this woman should be put down.

Kieran said...

Hmmmm, wrinkly.
I bet she tastes like bacon.

Go on, think about it.

Tom Paine said...

It was a comment on Gillette's blog that brought me here, as I haven't been back to your site in some days. I must say the infantile level of commentary on this post shouldn't surprise me, but it does, especially things like what troika writes.

It's a brutal reality in our culture that even a beautiful woman like Brittany Spears can get in the crosshairs of the bitchy for something as innocuous as going without panties. It's all part of how we evaluate most women based on their sexuality, and so they become nothing more than a commodity, and thing we can use up and discard. The extreme of this is the murder of streetwalkers outside Atlantic City (which quickly passed off the newswires as just another sad story of girls gone bad).

Bad taste is something we're all guilty of. And the funny thing is that the world has a way of paying the snarks back. At some point, troika and all who have made fun of this woman will have a child, another snarky young person, someone say to them "you fucking asshole, you should die."

Angela-la-la said...

I'd have more respect for her and probably trumpet her right to walk along the beach naked if she hadn't had those ridiculous implants.

The natural parts of her body aren't the joke to me, it's the myth she bought into.

Peach said...

Tom Paine / Warrior etc

Quite precious defensive answers?

Apropo of nothing much, I want to go on the record and say David Guest is the biggest ugliest waste of space on this earth and I don't care if that pisses anyone off.

Ice said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ice said...

Wow... who knew this would turn so ugly... it sure didn't at my place.

Funny thing is... are these commenters seeing the pictures in their entirety? This woman has a crowd of people around her, camera's a flashing, posing for pics with her and they are following her around the beach. Also take note she is smiling ear to ear and happily poses for pictures... are we making fun, no... are we looking, yes... just as everyone on that beach that day was.

I have said from the get-go GOOD for her for not sitting at home being old and miserable like MANY seniors I know are... however, give me a break if you think those implants aren't something to be looked at.

Sue us for having these pics up?

I doubt that one... next.

Sorry Emma you've been crucified over these pics... not everyone can just go with flow, apparently...
I know you weren't making fun, nor was I... just sharing.

Peach said...

yeah sorry Emmak xxx

EmmaK said...

tom disrespect, but you are taking this totally out of context. I don't have any problem with old people in bikinis or naked on beaches, I am European after all and have seen many oldies in Italy, Austria, Germany totally nude on beaches...I don't have any problem with old people...I don't think old people look particularly good when they get old but nor do I think you should stop living or having sex or whatever at seventy or eighty. Me posting those pictures had nothing to do with this woman being old it was just making fun of the fact that she was so delusional about herself. That's all. That's it. And it has nothing to do with her being a woman either and judging her solely on her appearance. I would do it to a man too, because British humor is all about taking people down a peg. Sorry if you don't get it.

ice....thanks for sticking up for me...yeah I will put the other pics up to give more of a context to what this woman was up to. have nothing to apologize just seems some people do not have a sense of humor.

Pilar said...

What in the WORLD...

overnighteditor said...

Time plays his tricks.

In her head she's still 21.

kiki said...

it'd need to be at least two-digits bigger than $500

Dirty Filthy Princess said...

This picture makes me very sad. Did anyone think an eating disorder might be the culprit? This woman needs help and sympathy.

Clarissa said...

Without my glasses on, I thought the first picture was showing an African tribal scene. It wasn't until I scrolled down and squinted that I realised that this was Western fashion at its finest.

Blogging genius indeed.

Molly said...

EmmaK said...
tom disrespect, but you are taking this totally out of context. I don't have any problem with old people in bikinis or naked on beaches

Emma, you are so lovely! I agree with you about the whole English humour thing but really, even though I am a fellow English lass, I do have a problem with old muppets in bikinis!! Bleugh, as Snoopy would say!

iLL Man said...

Really grim. You don't need to see that. At all.

Not while yr eating breakfast anyway...........

Joie de Vivre said...

wicked isnt it?! i got these sent to me, meant to post in OB, but was lazy. the email i got them in said "Pam Anderson in 10 years time"

evil, but it makes me roar with laughter.

Yeah Him said...

This crazy woman is on every site... please make her vanish.

Retro Girl said...

My friend sent me that in an email awhile back. When I looked at it, I started to throw up a little...Bleccchhhh *Shudder*

The sickest thing of all, is that she thinks she looks good in that bikini. That's twisted! lol

Thanks for visiting me! :-)

Tom Paine said...

EmmaK, I did understand your humor, I'm actually quite popular in the UK and the Little Witch is British. You have a wonderfully bitchy sense of humor over there, but making fun of the weak and harmless crosses a line with me. Further, as I have elaborated at some length in my own post, your "piling on" this way (an American football term that means jumping onto a pile of players who've already downed their opponent) is at best bad form and at worst contributes to the anti-female atmosphere in the blogosphere.

If you want to make those kinds of cruel jokes, then just say so, you have partly already. But also accept the responsability of holding this woman down while the watchers grope her verbally. I'd have more respect for your position if you were more honest that what you're doing is cruel. Alice Roosevelt Longworth is a hoot, but she also admitted who she was.

Weird said...

It is quite easy to make fun of people who are not present to defend themselves. It is quite easy to have very negative opinions about people who are not like us. It makes us feel good to be better, smarter, sexier, richer, or just plain better than others. It is easy to build scorn into dislike into hatred, not just for an individual, but for whole classes of people who are not like us. It is easy to build walls to keep *them* away from us. Cool.

The one thing many of the commenting folk do not know or understand is that they too will one day be looked at with the same critical eyes they are casting upon others.

Ice said...


When I look like that I'd have my implants removed and wear a onepiece.

If she wasn't wearing such revealing/attention grabbing attire she would have not been looked at.

Ice said...

Good Lord, Emma...

We've been the topic of many a post today... 4 that I can count.


xoxo :)

no_more_secrets said...

Emma, what if for some reason your picture was circling the net.... Would you like it bashed...not nice at all.

Troika said...


I hope you are ignoring these morons dissing your site.

It's funny, they need to get over it.

I know for a fact that Tom is a fat, smelly cunt and to be quite honest, he can eat my arse.

Anastasia said...

I think power to her, she's at an age where she's not going to take it with her, so what should it matter.
As for whether I'd do no...then again I wouldn't do a man of a similar age because I do believe that there's a reason why people age, and as for those who go on (because of their own marketing purposes) about the over sixty 'libidinous' crowd, I think that's all rubbish. For all anyone knows this lady could have Body Dismorphic Disorder, because she does look anorexic too.

Anastasia said...

By the way Emma,

This post reminded me of my ex (and housemate)...well not looks wise but he does have an interest in people watching/observing, and there's no crime in that. If people had to blog by the 'rules', or blog based on who they didn't upset or whatever, there'd be no point to blogging, or not self expression, so you go girl!

Ice said...


EmmaK said...

no_more_secrets....with all due respect that is hardly the same thing. I don't think my body is perfect at all, but I am pretty attractive. If I put my nude picture up on the net I would get a bunch of pervy emails from men saying what they'd like to do to me...don't need it thanks, I get enough wierdos contacting me as it is. idea where these people are coming from. Although I have made one observation, if it is true that I am offensive then how come it is only the American readers of this blog who think so when everyone else who is Australian or English just looks at the picture, has a chuckle and moves on? Evidence if evidence is needed that Yanks don't have a sense of humor as we Brits know it? The debate rages on ;)

"If people had to blog by the 'rules', or blog based on who they didn't upset or whatever, there'd be no point to blogging, or not self expression, so you go girl!"

At last an intelligent person sees where I am coming from. You summed it up perfectly.

Ice said...

Yes, that must be it Emmak... my mum is from Manchester and she has passed her sense of humour on to me~

Now, I'm not a Yank, I'm Canadian(Hoser?lol) and we tend to have a fantastic sense of humour as well.
Maybe its just the really good weed, I dont know.

You're right... chuckle, and move on!!!

Mandy said...

Perhaps because it's traditional in British culture to put down and abuse those who aspire to be better than they are. Nothing like running down other people to feel better about yourself.

Troika said...

It is, Mandy. It is very much. We particularly like to put down inbred spastics like yourself. You should go to the UK one day, I'm sure the people will love you.

Ahh, I feel better already.

Sorry for being a bit rude on your blog again, Emma. Won't happen again.

Midnight said...

I think this is a classic example of foreigners not getting Brit humour. God help them if they saw Little Britain which takes the piss out of chavs, transvestites, fat people, gays etc etc etc. It also happens to be one of the most popular programmes on TV even though it is deliberately totally non-PC.

In response to your question you were correct Emma.

CSG said...

wow! a couple of days ago I thought this would cool down soon, but every time I check there are more comments. Luckily most of them understood what you meant.

I do too, maybe because I'm European, maybe because I have your same point of view. I thought you point was quite clear. And yes, it's funny.

Jules said...

That is a good reason why NOT to get fake boobs.

Ice said...

I find it funny how 'these' people think that having a good laugh at shocking things is because it makes us feel better about ourselves...

You read too much into things people. Seriously...

Get a sense of humour.

Plain and Simple.

No hidden reasoning... lol