Wednesday, March 21, 2012

If Guinea Pigs Could Tweet

My Direct2Mum blogger badge
This is a fab new idea for a meme from Slummy Single Mummy.

You can read all about it by clicking on the badge but the bottom line is we’re going to attempt to summarise our week in seven tweets. They can be tweets you actually sent or just a 140 character summary that you write in retrospect. Can’t be that hard, right?

Now, it's not often that something bites me in the bum and inspires me but this idea lit a flame under my tush. I have to say I don't want to give you my own week of tweets as nothing much happened apart from me having a blocked toilet, but what about tweeting as the Queen, Kate Middleton or Graham Norton? The sky is literally the limit! So whose weekly tweets to try? Obvious really. I have adored my kids' guinea pigs for six months now. So why not ask one of them - the Alpha Female Marshmallow - to give me her week in tweets?


So here we go, I give you Marshmallow - superstar extrordinaire - putting paw to keyboard to give you her tweets. She is forced to share a cage with her brown colored pal Peanut. I hope this week in tweets will show, once and for all, that guinea pigs have a lot going on between their ears.

Hi, Marshmallow speaking

My nemesis - Peanut - don't be fooled by the innocent face

Marshmallow's Week in Tweets

Monday - Peanut has been farting uncontrollably all day. I told her she had a mung bean intolerance but she doesn't listen. Made her sleep in the other hut

Tuesday - We were let out of the cage today and Peanut chewed through some electric wires and then looked innocent & blamed it on me. I got shouted at!

Wednesday - Decided enough is enough. Buried Peanut in bedding and didn't answer when she wittered on about whether we'd be getting hay cookies today or just plain old guinea pig food

Thursday - No more Mr Nice Guy. I was having a nap while we were fed and Peanut ate all the strawberries and peed excessively on every surface. This is war.

Friday - Peanut is molting all over the place. At this rate I will be able to spin wool out of her fur and knit a hat with ear flaps out of it

Saturday - Peanut taken out to have her nails clipped. She came back looking depressed but I told her one has to suffer for beauty. She farted in reply

Sunday - Peed on Peanut's food dish to show her once and for all that I'm King Pig around here.

Now, next step, Marshmallow would really love it if you joined in. If you do fancy taking part, grab the badge and start writing.
What have you been doing this week? Give me your week in tweets (or your daughter's, pet's or famous pal's) Please leave your link below! Marshmallow and I promise to read them all.