Thursday, August 23, 2012

Right mommies, fancy a cuppa?

Time to bung that unending to-do list, diapers and crockery! Time for your exclusive day out! Let’s not get too chuffed to bits my love. We mommies can’t really have a wholesale day to ourselves now, can we? So let’s see how we can fit bits and bobs of your ‘me-time’ into our busy day without harbouring a slacker.

Cook up a storm with a power packed energizing brekkie which will keep you up and about geared for the day to come. A sprinkle of flaxseeds in your cereal blesses you with your share of essential Omega-3 acids. Wash out all negative thoughts and welcome everything that’s positive including words and thoughts! Banish words like stressful, knackered, and difficult from your personal dictionary. Make way for mentally stimulating time with the children by singing along with them, even if it’s just a ‘The grand old duke of York’ or ‘Peter Hammer,’ you’ll be surprised by how wonderful this experience can be. Stock the light flowery air conditioner to suit and relax you. Fragrance can refresh and relax you giving you that spa aromatherapy effect. Have a chin wag with a lady as you pick up the laundry. A little talk and bonding is extremely vital. Engage in a small mental escape with a little dreaming at midday. Make tea time an auspicious celebration. Out with your best Royal Doulton teapot with your double cream & jam scones with chocolate chip muffins on your flowery cake stand. A good old cuppa will relax you and help you rise high above the day. Get down and dirty playing and jumping like a kid with your kids in the garden. Do not leave any muscle uncorked.

And while the lovely day turns to dawn, have a butcher online at some fabulous Bingo games (Big Brother Bingo is a great place to start playing and getting free cash and gift certificates), for excitement, fun, friendship and strike gold with some big wins. It’s the Mutt’s Nuts I say!

So don’t wait for Christmas! Chivvy along and make hay while the sun still shines!