Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The Kings of Summer

Yesterday I was lucky enough to see a preview showing for an amazing movie called The Kings of Summer. Luckily the movie did not need time to warm up. The audience were screaming with laughter from the first second and the laughs kept coming. The movie is about three clueless teenage boys who run away from home one claustrophobic summer, build their own house in the woods, try to hunt rabbits, grow their own terrible moustaches and try to get  to First Base with the Ladeez with little or no success.

This is a very insightful look into the lives of teenagers and it takes you back to those heady days when you thought you knew it all and were convinced your parents were old farts. Back  to the days when you were coursing with hormones that made you either tongue-tied or say really gauche things to the opposite sex at discos like "I like your jumper."

If you want to scream with laughter make sure you check out The Kings of Summer which opens in USA this Friday. Let me know if it tickled your funny bone! And check out this amazing infographic with scenes from the movie.