Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Wacky World of Hello Kitty

As a self confessed Hello Kitty freak and Halloween fanatic I decided to combine the two interests to make a Hello Kitty Witch this year! And if you feel like joining in then you can get the pattern here.

Hello Kitty makes me so mad. She's been going strong for 35 years and still has fur as dewy and unlined as a kitten. But as time has passed and her marketing people have found new ways to exploit her charms, things have inevitably gone, well, a little tasteless.

Let me know if any of these products tickle your fancy. Would you buy:

1. Hello Kitty Assault Rifle

2. Condoms

3. Condom Holders

Surely this is the ultimate turn-off? You might want to keep this handy by the bedside as the ultimate in birth control. The ick factor will make you not want to have sex full stop. Plus she's staring at you the whole time. Seriously freaky.

4. Tooth caps

I mean, come on, who wouldn't like to have Hello Kitty’s face implanted permanently in their mouth?

5. Urinal targets

This one sends a bizarre message. I mean if you were a fan you wouldn't disrespect Miss Kitty by weeing on her now would you, although she is telling you to. Which could mess with young minds a tad.

6. On your Sausages

Makes me think of that Meatloaf song. "I will eat anything for love ...but I won't eat that."

7. Hello Kitty Airplane

Taiwanese Eva Air has a Hello Kitty airplane that flies between Taiwan and Japan.

8. Fake Nails

This Kitty's got claws ...miaow! I'm a self confessed fake nail fanatic but these are just plain wierd.

9. Becks Beer

Who is the target market for this?

10. Pizza

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little....

So what do you think? Have I converted you into a Hello Kitty maniac? What other products do you think would be perfect stamped with a Hello Kitty?


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Her Ten Year Itch Free on Kindle

Hurrah! My new novel Her Ten Year Itch is out now and if you want to sneak a peek at chapter one then pop over to Chick Lit Goddess who also has a fabulous interview with moi over at her place. Here's how it starts:

Describe yourself in five sentences? I’m a teller of tall tales. More than anything, I love to entertain. I can resist anything, apart from temptation. Cream cakes are my weakness. I’m half British, half Austrian – an Austrish

Tell us about your writing/editing/publishing journey: Well I started by writing erotic novels, but after a while I ran out of steam or erotic scenarios and so segued into chick lit. I then published Seductive Viennese Whirl and now Her Ten Year Itch. I also wrote a hilarious parenting book Cocktails at Naptime with a woman in Aberdeen, Scotland who I have never met so it was an adventure in cyberspace.

Read more here.......

REMEMBER Her Ten Year Itch is available FREE on Kindle tomorrow 14th October so snap it up and let me know what you think!! Go get it on Amazon here. And if you love it please leave a review on Amazon.

Muchos gracias


Friday, October 12, 2012

Best Fall Entertainment for the Kiddies

Naomi Esterly is a mom of three kids. Sounds challenging, right? But she’s found that it’s easier to lure kids into watching television, good television, than chasing after them. In this guest post she shares some fall entertainment for the kiddos. When she’s not busy manipulating her kids into do something, she bakes and writes freelance for 1800WheelChair.Com

The fall weather makes many adults want to curl up with a hot beverage and a good book, but kids do not care about the changing seasons. They still want entertainment and need fun activities to keep them busy. Fortunately, there are many things kids can do by themselves or with the whole family during the autumn months.

Water slides and amusement parks may be winding down during the fall, but farms are opening their doors. Apple orchards, pumpkin patches and petting zoos are great places to spend a warm fall afternoon. Kids can pick pumpkins, drink cider, go on hay rides and more. This is also a great photo opportunity for parents. Look for events in your area that advertize mazes, animals and fall foods.

If you feel like staying at home, there are other ways for kids to work out excess energy. Raking leaves is a treat for parents and children. Kids learn about chores and enjoy jumping in the leaf piles at the end. Parents have less yard work to do because leaves will be somewhat organized even after kids play.

Having a campfire in your backyard is another low maintenance home activity. Use a grill or fire pit to safely light a fire, and gather around the heat. Kids can make s'mores, sing camp songs and tell ghost stories. This gives kids the fun of camp but lets them warm up indoors when it is over.

If your child needs something to do after school, then look into school and local activities. Choose a fall sport or select an after school program. The parks department, YMCA and other organizations usually hold fall themed events to keep kids busy.

Planning for the time kids spend indoors is especially important because activities stop kids from getting too restless while trapped indoors. Pull out board games and cards to start a competition between the entire family. Kids will get so caught up in the games that they will not notice the time passing.

Keep kids engaged while you attend to other matters by finding fall craft projects. This lets children show creativity and amuse themselves while everyone else is occupied. Projects can be purchased or be as simple as printing out coloring pages and using materials in the house.

If the fall weather is extra chilly and kids need a special treat, then bring the fun of camping indoors. Clear a space and allow kids to build a fort inside. Reading books, playing games or watching TV seem more fun from inside a blanket creation.

When all else fails, TV and movies always catch a kid's attention. Take your children to the theater for "Wreck it Ralph" or "The Hobbit". "Wreck it Ralph" follows a video game character that was created to destroy things but wants to be a hero. "The Hobbit" takes the whole family on an exciting journey through Middle Earth. Older children can read the book after, and parents can narrate it to younger audiences.

TV has endless options for children, but some programs are sure to get and keep their interest. ABC Family runs original shows and old favorites throughout the season. "Hocus Pocus", "The Nightmare Before Christmas", "The Addams Family", "Monster House" and more will air, and shows like "Switched at Birth" and "Pretty Little Liars" will have fall themed episodes. ABC has cartoons, family favorites and teen programing meaning there is something for everyone.

A prime time favorite is also a great choice for kids and adults. "Touch" centers around a single father whose son has trouble communicating normally. The father learns to interpret his son's messages, and they become closer by finding the connections between all people and making the world a better place. The excellent acting, intriguing storyline and beautiful messages will enthrall the whole family.

The fall can seem hectic, but parents who offer options will ensure everyone enjoys the season.