Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Trifecta Challenge: Big Screen and Little Screen

This is Week 69 of the Trifecta writing prompt which asks us to use the definition below. 

The word is INFECT. 


There was a time when I would
Watch the Big Screen
And before I knew it
I would have a terrible craving for
Big Screen told me it would make my edges go fuzzy
And it did
What fun it all was
Some days Big Screen would infect me 
And I'd find myself
Rollerskating in white shorts during my period
Like a zombie
In the evening Big Screen whispered to me 
That to win my husband's love
I should scrub my private parts with Lysol
It was a most effective strategy
Big Screen became like a lover
And I turned up the sound
Drowning in Big Screen's voice
Until I was so busy watching
Big Screen 
That my husband left me
And my white shorts got too tight
I was buying too much KFC
And scrubbing with Lysol played havoc with my skin
Decades have passed
And I don't let Big Screen boss me around any more
Like he used to
Now I don't let Big Screen tell me what to do
I carry Little Screen with me
In my pocket
And talk to her often
She is my best friend
With a constant stream
Of chatter in my ear
I suppose it's just a different
Sort of prison
Because I can never switch her off


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Draug said...

It was the commercials more than anything that drove me away from cable tv. Now I stick to movies and the occasional series through Netflix. Although I will admit I keep a little screen in my pocket too... (: Awesome piece!

Atreyee said...

Ha!ha!What a fun piece this is-so true how we let different gadgets rule our lives !Loved it:-)

lumdog2012 said...

Great, fun piece. I'd stay away from the Lysol, though.

EmmaK said...

lumdog2012The advert for Lysol I posted cracked me up: "Lysol will not harm delicate tissue. Many doctors advise their patients to douche regularly with Lysol brand disinfectant, just to insure feminine daintiness alone. No greasy aftereffect." YIKES!!

lumdog2012 said...

Yeah, the ad is hilarious. But not to be indelicate, I'd be more worried about the after taste.

Sini Rachel said...

This was a different experience. Enjoyed the pictures and your words.

kymm said...

The Lysol (lol, btw) reminded me of the Windex in My Big ... Greek Wedding.

EmmaK said...

Kymm....ha ha yeah I wonder if Windex really does clear up pimples? As for Lysol I always thought it was a floor cleaner not a feminine hygiene product. Shows what I know!

Anonymous said...

Small screen has swallowed the big screen - like the 7 emaciated cows of the bible.

Thanks for the visit. :-)

Melanie Miller said...

Hello! I wandered over here from the Aloha hop and have you followed on GFC, you are welcome to visit me at

I enjoyed this exercise - and like what others said it is an interesting look into how we enslave ourselves to one thing or another.

T.A. Woods said...

I enjoyed reading this. It's a healthy reminder that you need to "unplug" regardless of how big or small the screen is. I found you via the Aloha Friday Blog Hop. Feel free to stop by: Aloha!