Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Candy Haiku

Today I will mostly be trying to compose a haiku:

Thanks to the Easter Bunny
Who made this week
So very scrummy

I bit the heads off a dozen peeps
Murdered six rabbits
Licked the life out of

Fourteen bubble gum
Flavored lollipops
And a licorice bear

Now I would like
For all the woodland

To creep through my window
And eat the rest of my candy

Before my stomach explodes
Showering shards of sugar
Over the neighborhood

So come on squirrels
And non-rabid raccoons
I need you to

Scoff the rest of
My stash before
I turn into a sugar mama

What do you think of my Candy Haiku? And what are you thankful for? Link Up!

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Lisa said...

Well ehm...of course they're not really haikus.

Haikus are 5 - 7 - 5.

However. It was quite poetic, regardless. There is such a thing as free verse. I suppose this is free haiku. A new genre.

The Laundress said...

LOVE your candy haiku.

And I get you too!


Ryan said...

Thanks for linking up! (And I love your haiku... yay for peeps. :))

Redcliffe Style said...

It was an excellent haiku. So much better than anything i could have written. Rachel x

Heather said...

haha haiku's are so fun. i suck at them though. thanks for linking up :)

Vicki Psarias said...

Wonderful! Well done you

One Too Many said...

Very nice Haiku...great subject!!!

Metropolitan Mum said...

Ha! I thought it was all dark? You cheated!!!

Gappy said...

Poetry is totally your thing you know. Genius.

EmmaK said...

Gappy...thanks so much darling! I know you enjoyed my tampon poem too.