Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spice Up Your Road Trip

You never forget where you were the first time you heard those immortal lyrics:

I really really really want to Zig a Zig Ahhhh....

Do you?

Admittedly I was a bit long in the tooth to be a Spice Girl as when they launched I was in my mid twenties and a little old to wear micro mini skirts, 7 inch platform boots and wear my hair in bunches, but I do remember being at a club and hearing that song for the first time and being blown away by the youthful infectious energy behind it.

The reason I mention the Spice Girls is that my girls (age 8 and 11) are obsessed with the film Spice World. They run around the house screaming in Cockney 'Spice up your Liiiiiifffffe!' and 'Girl Power!'

But they do have a few bones about the outfits. They say if they were the Spice Girl managers they would have dressed them all the same as Posh is the only one who always looks good and the rest sometimes look like a dog's dinner, especially poor Sporty who really gets the worst outfits, mostly swaddled in dayglo baggy shell suits.

My girls were all set to be the new Spice Girls but I'm afraid I burst their bubble by explaining that no, the Spice Girls were not all sexy schoolgirls who made up the song Wannabe in their lunchbreak before being head hunted by a major record label. That in fact they can't write lyrics for toffee and probably had to jump through more hoops than a circus monkey to audition to join the Spice Five.

I must admit I did watch a bit of the movie and was, well amazed at the amount of energy those young people expelled. It was like watching a bunch of kittens in a sack. They did not stop moving or yacking.

All aboard the Spice Bus

It reminded me of some painful road trips I have taken with my kids. Even if you take the DS, the laptop to play DVDs, the books on tape about wierd subjects etc etc. Sooner or later someone will spill juice on the laptop, the DS will run out of juice and someone will start crying that they are bored. So what better way to spice up your road trip this summer than with a free download - yes I said free - from those lovely people at Netflights who are offering a downloadable puzzle pack to keep the little scamps busy at the back of the car this summer.

I am pretty sure if the Spice Girls had had such a puzzle pack at their disposal they would not have leapt from the tour bus and hyjacked a boat and almost drowned!

So go on, grab a Kids Summer Holiday Puzzle Pack today! No need to thank me.

So....What are your PG rated memories of the Spice Girls? And where were you when you first heard Zigazig Ah?


Steve said...

The Spice Girls. How I hated them.

And, if I am honest, I still do.

EmmaK said...

Steve....I think you are on your own there! Many men I know seemed to have a Spice Girl orgy as No 1 in their fantasies. Something about giggly young women in the back of a limo. You are a true gent to not have ever had such prurient thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Obsessed with the Spice Girls then, still love them now. I still regret not being able to attend to the one concert that came nearby, with the echo of my parents saying "you wont even like them when you're older" taunting me as I replay old casette tapes.

About Last Weekend said...

I loved everything about the Spice Girls - they were genius.... at getting your dosh...and VB still is.